• You can describe a namespace (useful for e.g. kube2iam):

kubectl describe namespace [namespace]
  • Gitops flux:

fluxctl sync --k8s-fwd-ns [namespace]
  • Launch with terminal and custom entry point:

docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/bash flyway/flyway:latest
  • Work on dev machine:

kexec -it [pod] -- bash
  • Deploy a yaml file with Kubernetes:

k create -f box.yaml


  • Helm deploy current directory chart:

helm install --name mysqltest2 .
helm install --name mysqltest2 --dry-run --debug .
helm repo list
helm repo update
helm search s3-mysqlrestore

helm plugin install https://github.com/chartmuseum/helm-push
helm push ./ https://dev-charts.k8s.corp.beno.ai
docker run -it --entrypoint bash gitlab.beno.ai:4567/ai/hypgen/biograph/aws:0.0.3

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